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oDeskoDesk started their activities in 2003 and the last 10 years has gained huge trust in world of freelancing and outsourcing to the clients and the freelancers. oDesk provide the guarantee for jobs and wages for efficient freelancer without any surety as well as, also provide guarantee of do not spend clients’ money without any work. In a word oDesk provide guarantee and safety for both clients and freelancers.

I’m writing serial posts about oDesk for them who are interested about freelancing and want to build career as a freelancer. So, please read posts regularly, try to understand and follow instructions step by step, wish you would be a successful freelancer too. Further if you have any question about this post, you may comments here, I’ll try to provide advice as my best. So, let’s start.

What is oDesk?

Let’s first know what is oDesk? We may call oDesk is a platform or a media. Where owners submit their jobs and expert workers get the jobs and done. You may call oDesk is a new version of broker.

How oDesk works?

Suppose, Mr. Wahab is an owner of a Software company and Mr. Zahid is an expert Programmer.Mr. Zahid searching jobs for earning, other side, Mr. Wahab searching an expert Programmer. oDesk working as a mediator between Mr. Wahab and Mr. Zahid. In oDesk language, Mr. Wahab a Client and Mr. Zahid is a Contractor.
Clients publish their job projects on oDesk free of cost and Contractors apply for get a job project to the clients. Then clients check and submitted the applications and pick an expert, affordable price applicant or which is better performer or which contractor like his mind.

Fees for oDesk jobs:

No fees needed for publishing job description for clients and apply for get a job for contractors. When a client hires a contractor or starts a contract with a contractor and done their work, then oDesk cut a 10% commission from a contractor of their earning. So it is clear that, no investment needed for work in oDesk.

Money or Payment guaranty:

There are two types of jobs in oDesk. 1. Hourly Job and 2. Fixed Price Job. Hourly jobs are 100% payment guaranteed, if there have no issue about work quality or quantity. But there have no payments guaranty for Fixed Price jobs, it is 50-50.

Hourly Job: If you apply for hourly job and client started to contract with you, then client will pay you as how many hours you have worked. Suppose, you have applied $2 per hour, after started your contract you have worked 20 hours in a week. Then your client will pay you $2×20=$40.

Fixed Price Job: For these types of job, client will mention a price range. For example, if client mention $20, then you should want within this rate. If client start a contract with you then, client will pay you after finish the job. But if client have not pay you, you could not do nothing.
So it is clear that, hourly job have a payment guaranty and Fixed Price job have 50-50 guaranty.

Jobs area of oDesk:

There have an opportunity to get a job in oDesk on various categories, for example: Web Development, Software Development, Networking & Information Systems, Writing & Translation, Administrative Support, Design & Multimedia, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, and Business Services etc. There are few sub-categories in above categories. A man can’t expert on everything, so you should work with your choose subject. So for today, next phase I’ll discuss about oDesk account creation. For more learning you may read blogs below. Hopefully it will be useful.

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