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Though I said in first episode, yet talking again for keep in mind, who provide jobs in oDesk, I mean who submit jobs in oDesk, they are called client and who works I mean freelancers called contractor. In the last episode I said I’ll discuss about account creation in second episode.

Here is a good thing to be beginning. Once in a while oDesk small changes or update their features. So it will be shown here in the future may not look exactly the same. However, there is nothing to fear, main content fairly similar to the original content. So you can start without any anxiety. Never be hopeless or excited if you look for something new or unexpected. Keep the head cool; try to understand with the patience. However, if you can understand English well the small change does not seem such a problem. So, just not for oDesk, you will have to move skills in English for freelancing. Because, freelancing marketplace clients are communicate in English. Clients send mail and message for contact. Sometimes the clients want to talk on Skype. So if you cannot communicate in English with clients, then you will face a serious issue. So if you’re other languages people than English, you should try to achieve skills in English, as well as your own language. As English are an international language and the people of almost all countries and all languages of the world using this language to communicate with the world. So there is no chance to avoid this language. Proficiency in English should be lot of benefits for success of freelancing. However, no more talk, let’s start.

Create your oDesk account:

For create an account in oDesk, go to www.odesk.com .

Here you will find two portion for create an account. 1) “Want to hire? Post a job!” 2) “Want a job? Sign up!”. Here is the first portion for clients and second portion for contractors. So since you’re a freelancer, so click “Want a job? Sign up!“. Now you will see a form for making an account.oDesk-sign-up

Here you can Sign Up using Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. Or you can Sign Up by fill out the form properly. Here I’m showing you how to Sign Up by fill out the form. Fill out the fields for First Name, Last Name, email, Country, ID, Password and Captcha, then click Get Started. This will create your Account and you’ll see a page as shown below.oDesk-Create-AccountoDesk-verify

Now go to your email which used for create oDesk account. A message will come from “oDesk Support Team” for verify the account.oDesk-email-verify

Open the message; you will see a link as shown below, click the link.oDesk-email-verify-link

After completed the account verification, a success message will come as shown below. Now click “Let’s Get to Work” button and enter your account.oDesk-verify-completed

Now end of the process of making your Account. At this moment you will see the page as shown below. Areas marked in red see here, 1) You are being asked to make your Profile Complete 2) The 0% in your Profile has been completed 3) You are allowed to apply for only two jobs per weeks.oDesk-Account-ready

You can’t apply for the job after creating an account, there is a lot more work to do. Such: to complete the profile as nice, complete the identity verification, to take few tests for evidence of your skills, adding financial info for withdraw your earnings. We will finish all step by step. So far today, Next phase I’ll discuss about oDesk profile completion. For more learning you may read blogs below. Hopefully it will be useful.

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