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I expect that all of you are in a relax mode. I would like to start today’s oDesk serial by welcoming everyone. In today’s episode I like to show you how to make a Data entry jobs profile in oDesk. Not only for Data entry jobs, but also you can make any other job’s oDesk profile by following this rule. Only you have to modify a little bit. By the by lets start.

At first login with your created ID and Password. After login, please click “Complete Your Profile” page what you see on the screen.


After clicking “Complete Your Profile” page than “Create your freelancer profile”page would come. This page mainly divided into two parts, such as
a. Profile Overview.
b. Location Information.

Complete Your Data entry jobs Profile:

There are some sections Profile in Overview part. Description about these sections and how to do that are shown below.

Portrait: Here have to attach your photo. This is not mandatory. That means if there is no attachment of photography, it will also do. Attachment of photography is better. Because, if there is an attachment photography client would easily recognize. To add a photo, click “Add a photo now”.


Now select your choice picture what you preserve in your computer and click ‘Open’. Then click Save Image. After for a while the picture will be added normally. Mind it there will not be attached any types of Logos, clip-art, group pictures or editing picture.


Title: This section is for the title of a Freelancer. That means what type of Freelancer you are? You may be a Data entry jobs Specialist, Web Research Specialist, Graphics Designer or any other specialist. If you are an expert in more than two topics, than you can write two or more topics at a time. Here I have made a Data entry jobs profile who is expert in various topics. That is why, I write here Data Entry, Web Research, Social Media Marketing and SEO Specialist as a title. Note that this title must in maximum word limit seventy with a space.


Overview: You are an expert in Data entry jobs or any other jobs. In this section you have to write down about your professional aim, relevant work experience, your capability and scope of work. Also write in a short article in 4625 words, why an employer choice you. So that, the employer may get a simple idea about you. You must try to write correct English spelling and proper grammar. Because if there is a wrong client may think that you do not know or understand proper English. Mind it do not copy or paste this article from anywhere. Try to follow better profile, but not to do direct copy or paste.


Hourly Rate: In this section you have to mention your profile rate. That means what is your proposed payment per hour from your client. But it is not always correct that client give your payment what you demand (Client gives your payment what you demand from the application’s time, if the client likes). You can mention a rate as consideration of your capability and work experience. But mind it, this rate is not crossing the limit also not far from expected rate. Hence, you are not shown in your work experience first in oDesk. On the other hand, the payment of Data entry jobs is poor and easy that is why try to submit a bit low rate. Because the client always try to hire low rated contractor for Data entry jobs. I demand here $2.00 as a profile rate.


English Level: You have to mention what the extents of English do you know and also mention your reading English, writing English and level of speaking English in this section. 1 is worst here and 5 is best. The good English level is necessary if it is Data entry jobs or any other jobs. I have mentioned here best “5 – Fluent in both written and verbal skills”.


Job Categories of Interest: What type of work you like to interest have to mention in this section. To select a categories, click “Add job categories that apply to you”. Then a new page will come. Then select some categories as you wish. As the profile is for Data entry jobs that is why I have selected two Data Entry and Web Research from administrative support, SMM – Social Media Marketing and SEO – Search Engine Optimization from Sales & Marketing. After select category then click save category to save.


After select category then it will be shown below.


Profile Visibility: Who can eligible to see your profile it would be selected here. If it is not selected By Default it would be selected ‘Everyone’. You can select “oDesk Users only” or ‘Hidden’. If you select “oDesk Users only” than oDesk users see your profile. And if you select ‘Hidden’ nobody can see your profile. As you like that every client hire you then you have to select everyone.


Location Information:
Click “Save Profile and Continue” after filling up your Address, City, Country, ZIP Code(Post office code) and Valid Phone Number.


Now you will see a new page like below.


Your profile is initially ready for Data entry jobs. But you cannot apply now for the post of Data entry jobs. If you like to apply for jobs, you have to verify Phone and ID first. Phone verify and ID verify will be discussed in the next article. If you like to know more details you can follow the posts below. Hope that you will be benefited.

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