10 Essential tools for freelancer

freelance-tutorialIn this article, I’ll discus about 10 Essential tools for freelancer. We can say it, 10 Essential Requirements of Freelancing. I found some people, they want to start freelancing, but they don’t know which is most important requirements for freelancer. A few people don’t know how to use some essential software or program. A few people don’t know which services are essential for freelancing. I’m discussing about those.

I’ve prepared a list of the essential tool or requirements of freelancing and briefing about individuals freelancer.

Essential tools or requirements for freelancer:

  • Device: A freelancer must have Minimum One Computer or One Laptop with power backup and a HeadPhone. But my recommendation is using a Laptop. Because if you face any issue of Load Shedding then a Laptop may help you for 3 or 4 hours to work without any electricity. Also, you should arrange a HeadPhone for voice chat with your clients or any kind of voice chat in online.freelancer-computer-laptop
  • Internet: A freelancer should arrange a high speed and reliable Internet connection minimum 512kbps or higher. 1mbps or 2mbps speed is better than 512kbps Internet connection. If possible, try to get a backup Internet connection. A backup Internet connection may help you for uninterruptible available in the Internet.freelancer-internet-modem
  • Email: A freelancer should have minimum 1 email address or 1 email account in most popular email services (Example: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc.).freelancer-email
  • Freelancing Platform Account: A freelancer have to create an account in a freelancing site. It may oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Guru, 99designs, Microworkers or any reliable and guaranteed freelancing site. oDesk is the most popular, reliable and guaranteed freelancing site in the world. Personally, I’m using oDesk for freelancing. You may learn about oDesk, from our oDesk related posts.freelancer-odesk-elance
  • Social Account: A freelancer should have social media account, he or she should be familiar with various social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc. The social account may help a freelancer to know on the web.freelancer-facebook-social-media
  • Chat Services: A freelancer should have Skype, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk or related Chat account. Most of the clients of the freelance marketplace choose Skype for text and voice chat, also Skype can be used for quick screen sharing. Few clients choose Google Talk for text and voice chat. You may also use yahoo messenger or any popular chat service. This chat account assist you communicate with clients.freelancer-skype-chat
  • Cloud Space and File Sharing: There has a lot of service for cloud space and file sharing like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Box etc. But most of the popular cloud space service is Dropbox. Also a lot of client and freelancer are using Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, so you may also use those. You may learn more from our Cloud Space and File Sharing blog.freelancer-dropbox-cloud
  • Remote Desktop: A freelancer must be know using some remote desktop sharing software or services like Teamviewer or Ammyy Admin. TeamViewer is the most popular, best featured and easy using software.freelancer-teamviewer
  • Need to know how to use:
    1. Word processor: A freelancer must need to know how to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs Document.
    2. Spreadsheet: A freelancer must need to know how to use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs Spreadsheet.
    3. Notepad: Notepad is a built in software for windows or other operating system. A freelancer must need to know about the features of notepad.
    4. Make yourself familiar with Google Search Engine, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion. A freelancer must need to know how to search on Google, how to search videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.freelancer-msword-msexcel
  • Create a Password maintaining file: When you will work, you should create accounts in many websites. When you will have many accounts in many websites or services, then you may not remember all. So it is a good way to enter all ID or account info into a file. You may follow as picture below.freelancer-password-organizar
  • Always try to use the latest softwares: This is highly recommended to use the latest softwares and services like Microsoft Office, Skype, Teamviewer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Opera etc.
  • Be efficient in English and your desire working area: A freelancer should be efficient in English, well it will benefit to communicate with clients. Because, English is the communicate media for freelancing marketplace. Also, A freelancer should be efficient in their desire working area.
  • Accommodation: A freelancer need to use a comfortable place, chair and table for work. A comfortable place, chair and table may assist you to work long time.

For more learning about freelancer and freelancing, you may visit my personal blog mdwadud.blogspot.com and my YouTube channel youtube.com/mdabdulwadud . So be prepared, happy freelancing.

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