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Freelance success tips


In this post, I’ll discuss some important issues for online freelance. Hopefully, You will get a clearer idea for some of the things that are important for online freelancing. Day to day many people are coming to do online freelance….
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Data Entry Tutorial for Online Freelancing


In this post I‘ll discuss about data entry for online freelancing. First, we need to know what is data entry: Data Entry is a combination of two words. Data mean information and Enter mean Insert. That is to say, Data…
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Data entry jobs profile oDesk


I expect that all of you are in a relax mode. I would like to start today’s oDesk serial by welcoming everyone. In today’s episode I like to show you how to make a Data entry jobs profile in oDesk. Not…
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Earn money online in oDesk


oDesk started their activities in 2003 and the last 10 years has gained huge trust in the world of freelancing and outsourcing to the clients and the freelancers. oDesk provide the guarantee of jobs and wages for efficient freelancer without…
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10 Essential tools for freelancer


In this article, I’ll discus about 10 Essential tools for freelancer. We can say it, 10 Essential Requirements of Freelancing. I found some people, they want to start freelancing, but they don’t know which is most important requirements for freelancer….
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